Our results

Our coaches have worked with high potential individuals, senior business leaders and high growth businesses to achieve outstanding results – and now you can be coached by them. Here are some of the things our high performing clients are saying about us:

Confidence building and developing high performing people:
“When you look back on your career at any stage you can normally identify a few key people who have really had that special impact and who have been truly instrumental in getting you to where you are. Throughout my 16 year career as an Army Officer and then after as a corporate executive, Rina stands out as one of those driving forces without whom I simply wouldn’t have had the same measure of success that I have today. I had the fun and rewarding experience of reporting to Rina, as a junior marketing manager, for two years. She not only invested huge time and energy in my functional training, but more importantly in building me, my confidence and my own understanding of what I’m good at, what I enjoy, and ultimately what I wanted for my future career and life. I’d never had a boss who listened so intently to things about me as well as about the job. It was inspiring for me and ever since I’ve always tried to do the same with people who work for me. Thanks to Rina’s example, coaching and building my direct reports is now my favourite part of my job.” Jonathan Cathey, Marketing Director Gillette & Braun HK and Taiwan 

“I was lucky to have Rina as my first manager at P&G. She is an amazing manager, as she adapts her style to the people she interacts with. She is a patient listener and has a natural talent to spot people’s strengths and build one’s confidence. As a business leader, Rina was great at sharing her vision to energize and enable everyone around her. As a manager, her priority was always focused on making my competencies grow and I am so grateful to have crossed her path.” Valerie BIlik, Marketing Manager L’Oreal

“I had the good fortune to have Rina as my manager for almost 2 years, and in that time experienced first-hand her natural talent for empathy and her passion for coaching and mentoring others. She always made time to help and build the capabilities of her team and the wider organisation. She was very approachable, and candid with her feedback, and as a result had a reputation as a trusted advisor and mentor within the organisation. I would certainly recommend Rina as an excellent coach for those who are looking to better understand themselves, to identify and lead with their strengths, and to better leverage the opportunities available to them.” Kathryn Huxtable, Marketing Manager Vistaprint 

An insight into what we do: “I have turned to Maya’s superb coaching skills on more than one occasion and at various career transitions.Initially, I had no idea of how coaching worked or what the outcome would be but I knew I needed a reasoned, objective voice and some guidance. Maya’s coaching style is to constantly ask questions to help work through the issues; she listens exceptionally well, can cut through the noise and hone in on the issues that might be hindering progress or frustrating certain decisions being made.

She greatly assisted me in my job search in 2010 and then again in 2012 when I decided to make the move of leaving the corporate world and setting up my own business venture. She has a natural ability to facilitate an engaging and thought provoking session that always left me feeling confident about the next steps. The clarity she provides has been invaluable. Maya is a role model, she lives and breathes the ambitious approach that she inspires in her coaching. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to take their life or career to the next level. Thank you !” Founder, Aartizen

Communicating with influence: “In our recent session, you helped me unlock an entirely new language for communicating as a leader. I had been getting stuck trying to ‘tell’ people to do things, and I needed new strategies to bring people with me and deliver results, particularly when they are managing the Moroccan operations and I am here in the UK, and there are gender and age biases working against me there. You are so committed to helping me perform at my best, I know you always want me to shine, so when you challenge me in the sessions I am open and ready for it!”  Salma, Social Entrepreneur

Turning dreams into reality: “You really helped clarify a few issues for me, and it has certainly brought me up towards an 9/10 when we refer back to the 1-10 scale regarding the issue we discussed at our last session…I would say that the ideal scenario we talked through at that time is now in full swing. Once again, I have to thank you for your help in moving me through a difficult transition period for me, I think you can probably tick the box marked “extremely successful outcome” with regards to this coaching!” Dr Sam, Associate Professor in Pharmacy, Head of Pharmacy, University of Reading Teaching Fellow

Peak performance in leadership roles: “I approached Maya as a newly promoted Director. I wanted to ensure we had the resources to deliver our strategy and help the team I now manage meet their potential. Maya helped me on all of the above. She is quick thinking and has lived it herself too,  but still allowed me to come to my own conclusions. I highly recommend her”. Rachel, Executive Director, Royal Society of Literature

Career guidance: “Rina was an invaluable mentor for me when we worked together at P&G. Not only was she an incredible role model in the way she conducted herself professionally and her business acumen, but she was also a fabulous coach. The key lies in her ability to listen and understand an individual’s goals and enable them to deliver against them by focusing on their strengths. I received fantastic career guidance from Rina and she was always approachable and available. No question was ever considered unimportant and no goal too large. This incredible can do and positive outlook on personal and professional life makes Rina one of the best coaches I have ever worked with. She keeps it real, and is not afraid to call out reality and recognise limitations. Her drive, ambition and care for every single person she meets shines through in every interaction I witnessed. It is all about the individual with Rina, and time and passion are qualities in abundance with her.” Amanda Rowe, Business Development Manager P&G 

Considering career options: “If I hadn’t seen Maya I may never have come to take the significant step of starting my own business.  I was at an important juncture and  Maya helped me to articulate my professional and personal aims and to approach them holistically. I value Maya’s insightful rigour, with which she helps you to analyse situations. We even visualised ambitious revenue targets and I was surprised to see that the company met them in the first year.  I have never looked back.  If you are facing similar dilemmas – go and see Maya. I certainly plan to keep going back.” Zara Hayes, Documentary Film Director (twitter.com/zarhayes)

Difficult career choices: “Our last week’s session was amazing, I really thought it has helped me in confirming that I am doing the right thing albeit it isn’t the easiest thing to do. It has definitely also helped me to understand that in order to make the right decision in terms of career move, I first need to get away and give myself some time to understand what I really want”. Anon, Senior Trader

Business growth: “Since we met we have hired two new people and we hope to double our turnover this year. I have your wheel by my desk and I look at every morning!  We found it very useful and inspiring to talk to you. I think anyone starting out in business should know about your services.” People in Production, fast growing media recruitment business  (wearepip.com)

Life planning: I have found my sessions with Maya extremely helpful. She quickly understands the issues I want to discuss and is able to help me organise these into a clear and useful framework. she has a very warm, approachable and non judgemental manner which she combines with challenging and perceptive questions. this has allowed me to find new and better ways of approaching situations. I find that maya’s sessions have given me practical solutions which I have been able to put into practice in the long as well as the short term. Dr X, Psychiatrist, BSc 1st Class Hons in Psychology & Cognitive Neuroscience, MBBS, MRCPsych.

Direction setting: “Rina was my very first mentor in my very first job. I was young, unsure of myself, inexperienced and looking for direction. As soon as I sat down with Rina she smiled and we started chatting about me. She listened intently to what I was all about and helped guide me based on what worked for me. With Rina I knew that no question would be too ‘silly’ to ask, and no problem too small. Rina became more than just a mentor, she became a friend who I could rely on to help with any issue. Even now, several years on, she is available if I need to ask a question and I feel confident she will be there for years to come.” Genna Meredith, Freelance strategic advisor on brand communications and campaigns.

Confidence: “Signing up to Maya’s coaching sessions couldn’t have come at a better time for me: I was in-between positions, about to make a big leap and needed all the business ‘umph’ that I could get. I felt the sessions built up my confidence to the level I needed and gave me a clear mental focus; I was empowered to positively progress, effectively build on my experience and work around any obstacles in my way. Maya has a coaching style that allows you to get a lot off your chest but she won’t let you off easily, leading with a clear, controlled structure towards realistic action orientated goals that force you to make a difference. If you would like a good listener who can also give you clarity and useful little tools to help you navigate your own behaviour at work and beyond in order to make full use of your potential and drive success –  go see Maya! I have again, and again.” Freelance culture consultant and design specialist

Time management: “I started seeing Maya for coaching at a time when I felt my working day was suffering from huge time pressure: too much time on operations, insufficient focus on strategy. It is now a year on, and my working week is vastly improved: I am in the classroom just as much (this is why Quartic exists!), but office time is much more productive, I control my e-mails (not vice versa), and most operational management tasks have been delegated. Maya was instrumental in helping me to visualise the improvements and the sessions were a thoroughly useful investment.” Nick Blain  MA FCA FCSI CFA, Chief Executive, Quartic Training quartic-training.co.uk

Inspiring presenter and coach: “I feel fortunate to have had Rina as a mentor when I started out as an Asst. Brand Manager at P&G. She is a strong leader and her infectious positive energy is a driving force that is inspiring to everyone in her team.

She is an excellent presenter, who is creative in making her training sessions fun and engaging, as well as ensuring we learnt new skills.
I most valued Rina’s approachable nature and her ability to listen. She was objective and helped me think through my options and guided me with the decisions I had to make. This is why I enthusiastically endorse Rina as an excellent coach.” Anulekha Shetty, Management Consultant IRI Consulting


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