About us

At Catapult, we empower and coach teenagers to be in control of their destiny and achieve personal success and happiness.

Our mission is to equip young adults with key skills to complement what they learn in school. Academic success alone is not enough to guarantee personal success and happiness in life! We know this from countless interviews with head teachers, parents, and hundreds of successful individuals that our coaches have worked with.

What we offer:

We offer a programme of interactive workshops, specifically tailored to teens, to inspire, excite and give them confidence to succeed in whatever they wish to do. Our workshops help students understand what they want in life and how to achieve it effectively, and consequently help them transition smoothly into the competitive working world.

Our approach and why we’re different:

Students will receive a high energy one day structured coaching experience from business leaders who have worked with hundreds of high potential individuals to unlock their peak performance. During each course there will be carefully chosen exercises and 1-1 coaching. This enables the individual to absorb the course principles and make them work for their unique set of strengths and preferences – they will not just sit in the room and listen!


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