About our coaches


Rina discovered early in her career the power we all have to take control of our lives through focusing on our strengths. Her natural skills were honed from being Head Girl at a leading UK independent girl’s school, to being elected Services & Events President at UCL Union – a role, it turns out, that suited her predilection for strategic thinking, problem solving and business building.

Rina studied Economics at UCL, but her early leadership roles gave her the confidence to re-think her trajectory into the world of finance and explore alternative career paths. The success she enjoyed as UCL President led to the world’s leading marketing organisation, P&G, approaching her to join them in 2001. Since then, Rina has developed into one of the UK’s leading marketers with 13 years’ experience moving up through P&G and more recently, Reckitt Benckiser, where she is a Global Marketing Manager of a major household brand.

Yet despite large scale success managing some of the worlds biggest brands e.g. Pampers, Ariel, Fairy, Dettol… Rina is consistently recognised by peers above all else as a strong team leader and effective coach and mentor. Her passionate belief is that you should discover what you are GREAT at, and use this to your best advantage to fulfil your whole potential. Over the years this is something that she has been able to apply to her own life, and to dozens of others she has managed and mentored, making a real and lasting impact.

Rina is now eager to support young adults to achieve their full potential through learning vital workplace skills. She believes that through such structured/supported learning of essential workplace skills you can become more confident and effective in achieving personal success and happiness earlier in life.

This is the drive and essence behind Catapult, which Rina founded in early 2014.



An economist by background, Maya earned a First Class degree in Economics from Cambridge, which she claims was not through intellect but from knowing how to maximise precious time with tutors and study with peers. After starting her career in Goldman Sachs equity sales, Maya moved to PwC then KPMG to work as an economics consultant. Promoted early to Manager level at the age of 24, Maya received leadership coaching to enable her to lead teams and oversee large scale, high value projects. She found the coaching experience to be transformational.

Maya then used her analytical and hustling skills to transition successfully to Corporate Sustainability and then Talent and Learning as an Associate Director at KPMG. Maya has coached and facilitated at leadership and career development workshops and has designed Partner-level group coaching on Resilience and Boardroom Confidence. As Head of the Woman’s Network, Maya had countless conversations with women wanting to work in a more agile and flexible way without compromising on their careers.

As well as gaining a Distinction in her Professional Coaching Certificate from Henley Business School, Maya is the Career Coach at www.thecommonsenseagency.com and a business coach withhttp://www.GrowthAccelerator.co.uk. Maya is a charity trustee and mentors a social enterprise.

Maya has always made time for her passions outside work, particularly art (http://mayagudka.wix.com/maya) and dance. Her solo exhibition in Canary Wharf sold out. She is also part of a fitness dance team,http://www.Pungra.net and is currently teaching in Danceworks, Bond Street. Maya also had the once in a lifetime opportunity to perform in the Olympics Opening Ceremony.


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